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About Unlocked Phones at is a family run business primarily dealing in unlocked phones, and electronics. We pride ourselves in building long term relationships with our customers. We established in 2008 with the goal to provide our customers with high quality unlocked phones and electronics.

We sell many varieties of unlocked cell phones, with brands ranging from Samsung Smartphones, Apple IPhones, Microsoft Windows Phones, Nokia Cell Phones, Sony Phones, LG Phones, HTC Smartphones, Motorola Smartphones, Lenovo Smartphones, Blackberry Smartphones, Blu Smartphones, AT&T Smartphones, T-Mobile Smartphones, Android Smartphones, and much more.

We also carry sim cards for unlocked phones, and we can help you top up your pre-paid phones as well.

If you are travelling to New York from anywhere in the world we can help you unlock your phone if it’s a GSM phone or get you a unlocked phone, and sim card that will help you avoid international roaming, and data charges. If you are going overseas we can help you get a unlocked phone, and you can pick up a local sim card at your destination saving you from having to pay international roaming & data charges.

Please call us at either one of our locations to check stock availability.

Feel free to call us should you have any other questions!

Store Locations:

1200 Broadway
New York, NY 10001
(212) 683-2636